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Response to the letter written August 10th (received via e-mail on September 2nd)

Greetings from Osiek,
Thank you for your greetings.

I found the baptismal certificate of Rozalia Stachak. She was born on 19 May,1882 in Osiek. She had her baptism on 21 May, 1882 in Osiek.
Her parents were Jakub (son of Paweł Stachak and Teresa Malak) and Agnieszka Studlik (daughter of Sebastian Studlik and Agata Bury). They lived in house #476 in Osiek and the information was on page 34, number 52 in TVI book)

Mikołaj Sporysz got married to Józefa Gilek on 5 June, 1855 in Osiek. This information was on page 80, number 7 in TIII book.
After that Mikołaj Sporysz got married to Magdalena Jekiełek on 12 August, 1867 in Osiek. This information was on page 128, number 19 in TIII book.

Jan Sporysz got married to Agnieszką Stachak on 29 January, 1889 in Osiek. This information was on page 55, number 2 in TIV book.
After that he got married to Marianna Kruczała on 6 July, 1904. This information was on page 147, number 61 in TIV book.

I am sending you photos.


Note: Please click here to view the current family tree for the Stachak family (info as of September 3, 2010)


Letter mailed August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

Dear Reverend Priest,

Thank you kindly for the baptismal certificate and all the information that it contained about our family. That is truly great news!

Writing this reply with me is a cousin of mine, Jeff Ausmus, who is also very interested in the ancestry of Ignacy Stachak. (he called himself Ignatius Stasiak in America).

It seems that Ignacy Stachak was from somewhere in your region. Unfortunately, the records here from Saint Hedwig parish in Toledo do not list his birthplace or baptismal place in Poland. We found the birthplace of his nephew Józef Sporysz in American records, and thought Ignatius Stachak may have been born in the same place, or nearby.

Records here indicate that Ignacy’s middle name was Jakub, so he could perhaps be listed under that baptismal name. Could you please search your records again for this entry, this time with the extended period of 1868 – 1880. Could you look for information on Ignatius Jacob Stachak, as well as Jacob Stachak and Jacob Ignatius Stachak? This entry should be between the years 1868 and 1880 (Parents: Jakub Stachak and Agnieszka Studlik)

Also, could you please search for the following baptismal certificate:

Agnes Stachak, (Parents: Jakub Stachak and Agnieszka Studlik): between 1850 and 1875

Could you also please search your parish books for these records and send marriage certificates:

1. Marriage certificate of Jakub Stachak and Agnieszka Studlik – years from 1850 to 1870
2. Marriage certificate of Jan Sporysz and Agnieszka Stachak – years before 1890 – their son Jozef was born in December 1889.

Please copy all information found in the record, just as you did for the baptismal certificate for Józef Sporysz.

We also have a couple questions about your records, if you don't mind. Do microfilms exist of your parish records? And were your parish's records at this time kept in Polish or Latin? Would it be at all possible to get a digital copy, or a photo copy of the original baptismal, death or marriage record, for any that you might find?

Unfortunately, neither I, nor Mr. Ausmus, speak or write Polish. Therefore, if you are able to speak and write in English, it might help with communication, but if not, Polish is fine.

Are you aware of any Sporysz or Stachaks currently in your parish who would like to correspond with us?

We are also enclosing our email addresses; if it would be easier for you to communicate in this way, please feel free to use those.

Jeff Ausmus:

Gene Stock:

Here are the links for our family genealogy web sites:

Stasiak/Markos Family:

Stasiak/Markos Family (My Heritage):

Ausmus Family (My Heritage):

We have enclosed $50 with this letter as a start. Please accept this donation for all of your efforts, which are very much appreciated!

Thank you very much!


Gene Stock and Jeff Ausmus


Letter in reply to Gene Stock’s request for information concerning Ignatius Stasiak and Joseph Sporysz   (Click here to view the letter and document that was sent in the mail - Polish version)

Roman Catholic Parish of St. Andrew the Apostle
street of the Church 13 (“13 Church Street”)
32-608 (zip code) Osiek (in Oswiec/Auschwitz district)
telephone (website of the parish which contains photos and history of the town and parish, which dates from the year 1278 A.D.)

Osiek, the 5 th of July 2010

Dear Mr. Gene Stock

You will be much pleased with the information you sought for your ancestors.

In the RC parish baptismal records of St. Andrew the Apostle, was found the baptism for Jozef Sporysz, and here is the baptismal certificate enclosed, on the other hand no information on the baptism of Ignacy Stasiak. Please verify the St. Hedwig Parish in Toledo marriage record for his birthplace.

The Mass for your grandfather was held on 29 June 2010.

If Dear Sir you wish to assist our parish for the central heating and flooring [remodeling work], in exchange for [genealogy work], everyone would say that is an agreeable gift. The parish does not possess a currency account [bank account, some parishes have an account in which you send a deposit for genealogy work], therefore I give you my personal bank account. [number below]

All who would benefit in the parish commend the intercession of the Holy Mother of God to celebrate the means with a Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

With respect,
Fr. Boguslaw Wadrzyk ,parson

Ks. Boguslaw Wadrzyk [pronounced Bow-goo-swav Von-jeek]
Eurokonto Walutowe

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Baptismal Certificate of Jozef Sporysz

Diocese of Bielsko-Zywiecka
Roman Catholic Parish of St. Andrew the Apostle


vol VI part 143 entry number 5

Name and surname of the baptized                        Jozef Sporysz

Name of the father                        John [Sporysz] son of Nicholas [Sporysz] and Jozefa Gilek

Name of the mother & surname from home   Agnes Stachak daughter of Jacob [Stachak] and Agnes Studlik

Date and place of birth            31 December 1889   in Osiek

Date and place of baptism               5   January 1890    in Osiek

Notations                                    house number  347

signed by Fr. Boguslaw Wadzryk, parson

in Osiek the 22 of June 2010

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Click here to read a copy of the Baptism info sent from Poland in Polish.

The meaning of the baptismal certificate for Joseph/Jozef Sporysz

Joseph’s father was John Sporysz. John Sporysz was the son of Nicholas Sporysz and Josephine Gilek. Joseph’s mother was Agnes Stachak. Agnes Stachak was the daughter of Jacob Stachak and Agnes Studlik. He was born in house number 347 (see explanantion below). Joseph’s mother, Agnes Stachak Sporysz, was the older sister of Ignatius Stasiak/Stachak. This baptismal certificate contains three generations of the family, naming the grandparents of the infant Joseph Sporysz, which confirms the names of Ignatius Stasiak’s parents, Jacob Stachak and Agnes Studlik. Agnes Studlik’s name was incorrectly noted on Ignatius’ marriage record as Stulski.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Osiek the town and parish

The term osiek signified a forest stronghold made by colleting and connecting logs (siekac = to cut or chop). These strongholds were used defensively in the early historical epoch of Poland to defend borders, river fords and paths leading through the forest. Since most of Poland was forested back in those days, you can see why there were fortifications of this sort all over the country, and that’s why Osiek became such a common name for towns. In years past, houses were numbered in the order in which they were constructed, all over the town, not in street order, so the Sporysz family lived in the 347 th house built in Osiek.

The website of the parish of St. Andrew the Apostle is

This website contains photographs of the churches, and a history of the town and parish. The first church was built in the year 1278 A.D., and the town originates that same year. A new church, currently in use, was finished in 1908.  Rennovations have been ongoing the past several years at both church buildings.





2013: Family Tree and other info for Joseph Sporysz from Jeff Ausmus

2013: Ignatius Stachak Family Tree and other info from Jeff Ausmus

Letter written in May 2010 requesting information for Ignatius Stasiak and Joseph Sporysz.  The letter was written to the local Catholic parish in Poland where we think that Ignatius and Joseph resided.


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