Markos Family Genealogy


According to baptismal records Steve Markos was born in Devecser, Hungary April 27, 1885. His parents were Laszlo Markos (born in 1854, died in 1921) and Anna Bolla (born in 1861, died in 1935). His parents were married February 19, 1882 in Devecser, Hungary. He was the oldest of six children:

Steve & Gyozo Markos29 April 1885: Istvan (Male) (Steven)Grave Laszlo Markos & Anna Bolla
14 September 1886: Gyozo (Male) (Victor)
15 September 1888: Janos (Male) (John)
30 May 1891: Terezia (Female) (Theresa)
10 February 1893: Imre (Male) (Emmrich)
6 October 1894: Terencz (Male)


He arrived at the port of New York in the United States on January 28, 1905 at the age of 19. The ship’s manifest listed him under the name “Istvan Markos” with a destination of Massena, New York. It looks like he came from Hungary by himself as no other relatives are listed on the manifest. He left Devecser, Hungary out of the port in Antwerp, Belgium aboard the ship “Vaderland” for the United States. According to his baptismal records he was born in Devecser, Hungary

Matilda Kiss was born in Szentpeterur, Hungary on March 23, 1889. Her parents were Andrew Kiss (born 1860) and Teresea Reiter (born 1866). Immigration records indicated that Matilda Markos (Kiss) arrived at the port of New York in the United States on May 21, 1904 at the age of 15 with her parents Andrew and Teresea Kiss. The ship’s manifest listed her under the name “Mathelde Kiss”. She left Janoshaza, Hungary in 1904 out of the port in Bremen, Germany aboard the ship “ Bremen”.

The towns that Steve Markos and Matilda Kiss lived in were only 25 miles apart in Hungary but they didn't meet until after they immigrated to the United States. (See towns near Janoshaza)

Steve Markos & Matilda Kiss were married on June 4, 1906 at St. Boniface Catholic Church in St. Boniface-Winnipeg, Manitoba ( Canada). Steve was 21 years old and Matilda was 17 years old. The 1906 Census of Canada for Winnipeg, Manitoba indicates that they lived in an apartment in Winnipeg. Matilda's parents, Andrew and Teresea Kiss, lived next door to them. Canadian records indicate that Steve Markos Jr. was born in Winnipeg on December 30, 1908.

On February 9, 1910 they did a border crossing from Canada at Niagara Falls, New York. The records provided show Steve Markos under the name “Istvan Markus”. They lived in Massena, New York from February 1910 until November 1912. Steve Markos had a job at Aluminum Company of America. In 1912 they moved to Toledo, Ohio and first resided at 2438 Ayer Street. From 1913 to1919 they lived at 2114 Genesee Street. Steve worked as a woodworker and laborer during this period of time. Also during this time the following children were born: Lola in 1913, Ernest in 1917 and Joseph in 1919. Steve and Matilda became naturalized citizens in October 1916. From 1920 until 1923 they lived at 2130 Bakewell Street. From 1924 until 1928 they lived at 2126 Consaul Street. (click here to see a map of area for Genesee, Bakewell & Consaul Streets). Julius Markos was born in 1924. During this period Steve Markos began working for The Overland as a body finisher. From 1929 until 1933 they lived at 3113 Haverfield Court (the street is gone now as it made way for the I-475 expressway near Central Avenue and Upton). In 1932 Matilda gave birth to Helen Markos.

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1913-19: 2114 Genesee Street
1920-23: 2130 Bakewell Street
1924-28: 2126 Consaul Street

Markos Children:


30 December 1908:------ Steven-------- (d 06 January 1983)
01 November 1913:------ Lola----------- (d 02 January 1987)
05 July 1917:-------------- Ernest----------(d 03 December 1960)
08 March 1919:---------- Joseph--------- (d 12 February 1988
23 April 1924:------------ Julius----------- (d 27 January 1976)
13 November 1932:----- Helen-----------(d 19 June 1995)


In 1934 they purchased the farm at 9941 Crabb Road (between Erie & 151). The property consisted of almost 50 acres and extended all the way to the southeast corner of Crabb and Erie Road. (click here to view a current photo of the property). In June of 1945 they sold the farm to Leonard Gerow and moved to 9048 Lewis Avenue in downtown Temperance (today it is an empty lot next to Allied Music Store).



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