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Markos Family Information
Stasiak-Stachak-Stock Family Information

Markos Home Page
Markos Family Photos
Markos Family Documents
Ancestors of Steve & Matilda Markos

Steve Markos Jr. Family Page
Lola Markos (Boehme) Family

Steve Markos III Family
Bill Markos Family

Lola Markos (Stock) Family Page
(See Wallace Stock Family Page)

Ernest Markos Page

Joseph Markos Family Page
Judy Markos (Jakubowski) Family
Mary Lynne (Glowacki) Family

Julius Markos Family Page

Helen Markos Page

Stasiak Home Page
Stasiak Family Photos
Stasiak Family Documents
Ancestors of Ignatius, Pauline & Martha Stasiak

Agnes Stasiak (McInnes) Family Page

Michael Stachak Documents

Alvin Stasiak Family Page
Alvin Stasiak Jr. Family

Raymond Stock Family Page
James Stock
Connie Stock Family
Linda Stock (Brazeau) Family

Mary Stock (Dusseau) Family Page
Ernest Dusseau Family
Dorothy Dusseau (Thomas) Family
Norman Dusseau Family
Carol Dusseau (Close) Family
Raymond Dusseau Family
Rolland Dusseau Family
Rosalie Dusseau (Lewis) Family
Paul Dusseau Family
Charles Dusseau

Hattie Stock (Burgard) Family Page
Madeline Burgard (Ausmus) Family

Norma Jean Burgard (Sister Mary Ross)
Daniel Burgard Family
Flo Ann Burgard (Hilkens) Family
David Burgard Family
Dale Burgard
Kathleen Burgard (Sister Mary Dale)
Sister Mary Marc (Annette Burgard)
Marty Burgard Family
Sister Mary Kent (Christine Burgard)
Susan Burgard (Darmofal) Family

Stanley Stachak Family Page
Tom Stachak Family
Tim Stachak Family
Marilyn Stachak (Hatcher) Family
Gil Hatcher Family
Cindy (Hatcher) Matt Family
Stanley Stachak Jr. Family
Michaelina Stachak (Schimming) Family

Wallace Stock Family Page
Richard Stasiak Family
Gene Stock Family
Brian Stock
Bruce Stock Family
Chad Stock Family
Kevin Stock

Joe Stock Family
Julie Stock Davis Family
Sue Stock (Stevenson) Family
Ed Stock Family
Betty Stock (Helminski) Family

Florence Stock (Walentowski) Family Page
David Walentowski Family
Eileen Walentowski (Grycza) Family
Patricia Walentowski
Julie Walentowski

Other Relatives:

Joe Sporysz

Helen Wrzesinski Family